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 This method is to be used if you would like to Wall Mount this unit.

 Please note, the Base Plate will Not be required for this method of installation( If it came with one )


 1. In order to wall mount this shower you will need to remove the back panel first ( If it came with one )

 2. Fix the 2 x wall mounting  brackets, that are supplied with the shower, to the wall where you would like the shower to be positioned,

     make sure to space the mounting brackets to fit the cross bars at the rear of the shower panel.

 3. Hook up the hot and cold water hose on the shower panel with the existing hot and cold pipelines on your shower wall.

 4. Mount the shower panel by the cross bars on to the mounting brackets

 5. Once the wall mounting installation is complete, seal the sides of the shower panel with clear silicone on either side of the shower panel and Enjoy Your New Shower!




This  method is to be used if you would like to install this unit as a

Freestanding  Shower using the base plate (Not Wall Mounted).


1. Decide where you would like to position your shower, i.e. next to a swimming pool, on the decking, inside the bathroom

2. Install your Hot & Cold water pipes to where you want the shower located

3. Bring the pipes to a height of 320mm/12.6" above the ground finished with male iron union

4. Secure the base plate using the 4 x Dyna bolts on top of the pipes, with pipes protruding through the centre of the base

5. Remove the back panel of the shower and slide the shower panel over the base sleeve

6. Connect your male iron unions to the female unions supplied with the easy hookers inside the shower panel.

7. Re-connect the back panel and Enjoy Your New Shower!


3. Q:  Can I pick up the shower?

A. We offer Free Pick Up from our warehouse in Cheltenham, Vic. Please allow 1-2 business days to set it up after your purchase.

We also offer Australia Wide delivery, and delivery fees are calculated automatically on the product page, according to your destination postcode.


4.Q: Where are the showers dispatched from?

A. The showers are dispatched from our warehouse in Melbourne, Cheltenham, Vic



5. Q: How long before I receive my product after placing an order?

A: We do our best to dispatch all orders within 1-2 business days after the order is placed. The delivery time depends on where you are located, usually, you will get your shower within 5-7 business days.

6.Q: What is your warranty and return policy on shower panels?

A. General Warranty Description:

 -All of Pool Shower Products come with a manufacturer warranty for your Peace of Mind.

 -For Terms & Conditions, please Click Here:

 -Stainless Steel Frame is covered under the manufacturer's warranty for 10 Years from the date of purchase

 -All Components are covered under the manufacturer's warranty for 12 months from the date of purchase



7. Q: What are your showers made from?

A: All of our outdoor showers are made from Top Quality 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. Some of our Indoor models are made from 304 Industrial Strength Stainless Steel.


8.Q. Is your Stainless Steel Brushed or Not?

A.  Yes, all of our products have Brushed Stainless Steel finish.


9. Q. Do I need to purchase any extra components or fittings in order to be able to install the shower?

A. No, you do not need to purchase anything extra. Everything that you will require for either Wall-Mounted or Freestanding installation is part of this kit.


10. Q. Can I physically view the products before I purchase them?

A.We are a Shop Online, however, we do have a showroom in Melbourne, Cheltenham and you are welcome to make an appointment to view our range via Phone 03 9580 9616,
Contact Us page or Email us directly at support@poolshower.com.au


11.Q. What is the warranty?

A. We offer 10 Years Manufacturing warranty on the panel and 12 months on internal parts & components.


12.Q.  How do I care for my shower?

A. To look after these showers is extremely easy. All you need is a wipe down from time to time with a Stainless Steel Cleaner that can be purchased at any of your local supermarkets. And for the Long-Term maintenance, we recommend using 3M Marine Metal Restorer & Polish.


13. Q. Do I need a plumber to install it?

A. Yes, we strongly recommend these units to be installed by a professional plumber.


14. Q. Where do I get replacement parts if I ever need them?

A. If you will ever require spare parts just email us and we will be more than happy to assist.


15. Q. Will your Black colour outdoor showers fade?

A. No they will not as they are made with a Special Ion Plating Technology, which prevents the colour from fading.


16. What is the thickness of your Stainless Steel?

A. These showers are made from Industrial/Marine Grade stainless steel and the thickness is 1mm/0.04"


17. How To Change Mixer and Diverter Cartridges?

A.  Click Here to check videos.